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"Consider your ways" Hag 1.5 / "Pensem bem em seus caminhos" Ag 1.5


Following Jesus means imitating Jesus


Snakes, gasoline and demons (Part 1) – Forthright Magazine


Faça com que hoje seja seu dia de revolução espiritual


A man and his wife came to talk to me. He had been a Pentecostal pastor.
The church that pleases God


Money changes ‘truth’

"Money changes what many people will preach as the truth. The Greek orators took up any argument for pay. That idolatry is found in religion today and in some places even in the church of God."


I need you near – Believing Prayer


Sigh. Social media gives me the poison-ivy itch. I want to stay away from it, but I can't not give it attention. So much drama.


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Mallet vs. sun: Love more effective than logic