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Miracle Treatment

1 min read

Right now I cannot concentrate,
My eyes are weighing low;
No use to try to write, create,
When mental functions slow.

There's only one infallible cure,
To perk up this sluggish chap;
This miracle treatment, oh! so sure:
I really need a nap.



Email change, sort of

1 min read

I've changed my main email address from to after the company moved everything over to the .com URL. Fairly painless move, so I hope the function presents no glitch.

The change is “sort of” because the .fm address will still work as well. I figured the .com address would be easier for people to remember and type.

I've still not got a lot of the email addresses from the domains I own to work. So use the .com address above with “randal” before the at sign.

Or if you want another way to contact me, see here:

Please don't contact me on FB. I'm moving away from it. Posting is still done there, but pretty much automatic.


Logo for You Are Free series

Logo for You Are Free series

Came up with a little logo for a series I hope to work on: You Are Free. The main idea and first article in the series, if it turns out to be that, is here:

Does the logo catch your eye? Opinions?


NaPraWriMo results looking good

NaPraWriMo results looking good

I use StartPage and DuckDuckGo, not the GooGoo Tracker. The former is showing some good results for the tag (National Prayer Writing Month). For more info:


Spiritual triage

1 min read

Medical personnel are trained to evaluate injuries. A surgeon judges a person's "likelihood of survival." Those beyond help he will leave in order to devote his energies to others who have a chance at life.

Christians also leave those who reject the gospel to their fate. In face of rejection, the followers of Christ shake the dust off their sandals. They go on to other places and people who will be receptive. Their time is limited. They can only do so much. They are looking for positive responses to the message. When they hear a no, they move on. Wisdom demands they evaluate, after the fact, receptivity and channel their energies accordingly.

"The evaluation and classification of casualties for purposes of treatment and evacuation. It consists of the immediate sorting of patients according to type and seriousness of injury, and likelihood of survival, and the establishment of priority for treatment and evacuation to assure medical care of the greatest benefit to the largest number. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005."*

* triage - definition of triage by The Free Dictionary


Help for the victim

Robert Hatfield shares help for victims of abusive relationships in his podcast series "The New You."


Time for a post

1 min read

Not as impressed with the feeling of the new-post look for posts with titles. Can't have everything, of course.

And poetry?

Is Known a friend of poetry?
To make a lilting song?
Or does it eschew such company,
Where lines run loose and wrong?


Wrong steps

Wrong steps

They won't take you where you want to go.

Lost the URL to the original spot. maybe?